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Based at Bridgewater Mill in Manchester, BigTone Recording Studios is home to producer Tim G and boasts a unique setup of high end vintage and modern equipment. Whether you're in a band, singing to your own beats, mixing, mastering, recording a voice over or something else, get in touch. We've dealt with pretty much every type of client in the 13 years we've been in the business and offer a range of services.

We’ve been located here in Manchester for 10 years now and we are proud to call it our home. The city is full of creativity and music and we've been lucky enough to work with so many different musicians, song writers, singers, film makers and media companies over the years.

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Either side of our carefully designed and acoustically treated control room, we have 2 live rooms. One more lively room for drums and a smaller deader space for guitar cabs, as well as 2 vocal booths. This gives us a choice of acoustical environments and means we can record live whilst getting great isolation. Speaker cables also run through the walls meaning amp heads can be used from the control room allowing players to work together in the same room whilst the mix is built. The the main live room is a controlled space giving that bit of natural ambience needed on things like drums and acoustic guitars. You'll also often find mics outside the room in the corridor and on the stairs capturing that extra bit of spacial bang!

Mac Pro 16GB memory 4TB HD space Mics: Neumann TLM 102 , Neumann u87 (clone) x2, Sm57, Sm58, Beyer M201, SE Z5600, Sennheiser 421, Audix d2 x2, Jospehson c42 x2, AKG d112, Sennheiser ME66/K6
Outboard: Chandler Germanium, API 3124 (clone), Raindirk channel strips x4, SSL 542 eq x 4, JDK re20, Neve 1073 (clone), Focusrite Octopre, Pultec stereo eq, Langevin Pultec, Emperical Labs Distressor , Joemeek SC2 (clone), Manley Varimu, SSL bus compressor, SSL 541 bus eq Sofware: Cubase 8.5, UAD-2 x2, Most UAD plugins, Voxengo, Drumagog, Fabfilter, Superior Drummer, Slate Digital Everything bundle, various vsti instruments

Tim G the producer

After leaving Huddersfield University in 2003, Tim went on to set up his first recording studio (Bunker 7) and developed his skills whilst working on demos for countless local bands and artists. During this time his mashups all attracted a lot of attention and landed him with a job with MTV. He then went on to work from Inch studios learning from Kier Stewart (Durity Column, The Fall ) and John Pennington (Happy Mondays, The Smiths, Joy Division, Moby, Paradise Lost..) The BigTone Producer has since worked with hundreds of bands, artists and media companies over the last 12 years he's been in the business including Decca Records, Peter Hook, The Wildhearts, British Sea Power, Sonic Boom Six, Apologies I Have None, Steve Conte (New York Dolls), Micko Larkin (Larrikin Love), Mic Lowry, MTV (MTV Mash), Surdevan Creative, Dodge Chrysler, Universal Music, The Manchester College and many more...

Bridgewater Mill, Patricroft

A few minutes drive from the m60 and the Trafford Centre, Bridgewater Mill is conveniently situated with ample parking space and plenty of nearby shops and takeaways. Patricroft train station being just 2 minutes walk away, means we're easy to get to if you're not driving, just a 10 minute ride from Manchester Victoria.

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