the Gray family-tree

Click the picture to see our family-tree.

The Gray family-tree, like any tree is growing and spreading, becoming increasingly large! You can view the tree and move around it's branches here.

Some tips first:

  • You can scroll up/down/righ/left using your scroll bars or simply wipe up/down/left/right on your tablet - you'll need to do this a lot to explore the whole tree
  • on a PC you can use 'ctrl+' or 'ctrl-' (using the +/- keys on the numeric pad) to zoom in or out; 'ctrl0' (control numeric zero) returns to normal zoom level
  • on a tablet you can pinch zoom
  • where a person's name is blue, it is a link, and you can click (tap it) to view more detail.
  • similarly where a marriage title is shown blue, you can click it and see a pdf document of the marriage certificate
  • The above applies to birth certificates too, in some instances
  • The tree is constantly being updated, so it may change as more information becomes available
  • To return to the tree itself from a pdf document you will need to use your 'back' arrow/button.

OK - now click here for the family-tree - opens in a new 'tab'