About the Grayhall name

The name 'grayhall' came about many years ago. It all began when the young family visited Muncaster Castle.

Tim and Chloe were about 8 and 6 years old. The tour of Muncaster Castle involved the use of a cassette tape machine (think walkman!) with which each of us could listen to, and partake in, a tour of this old hall. As we entered each room the tape would describe the contents and guide us to the next point of interest. All went well and we had an enjoyable visit.

On returning home to our humble three bedroomed home, Tim promptly found his Fischer-Price cassette recorder (remember those?)and together with Chloe, scripted and recorded their own tour - but of their own home!. 'This is the lounge, to your right is the kitchen.." etc. But the tape (mp3 had'nt been invented yet!) began - you guessed it - with 'Welcome to Gray Hall...'. And so grayhall was born.

The photographs on this website suggest our's is an impressive residence, however in reality it is of much humbler origins. These photographs are actually of Turton Tower, near Bolton.