Walney to Wear September 2006

On September 10th 2006 an intrepid team of travelers (Clive, Mel, Eric and Paul) set off from Bolton to Walney Island, carrying their bikes on the back of Clive's car. A quick bike check at Forton revealed a collapsed bike rack and after some debate it was decided Halfords at Lancaster was the next stop. A new bike rack was duly purchased and the old one forced into the new one's box and presented back to Halfords for disposal. We were soon on our way again and what followed was an exciting if not arduous bike ride starting at Walney Island and cycling to Sunderland. Mel was our chase driver popping up at various places to make sure we were all ok, and also scouting ahead for suitable tea and lunch stops. What a great few days it was.

The route taken was provided by Sustrans W2W.

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